CURLIT Coach Tool  v.6.0.1

The CURLIT Coach Tool covers all statistic fields, which are important to the Curling sport. It allows valuable conclusions about strong and weak points of players, about their strategy and about the course of the game.

AT Mr. Replace  v.1 4

Powerful and freeware utility for search and replace any text in many files with special symbols and differnet charsets support. Special file format for replace settings, detailed log and statistic info about current replace session.


QI Macros  v.7 2

The QI Macros SPC Software for Excel draws pareto charts, control charts, histograms, box and whisker plots, scatter plots and more. There are four 'wizards' that figure out what chart or statistic to draw based on your data.

Simstat  v.2. 5. 2008

Simstat is an original application that will let you perform advanced statistic analysis with powerful features of output data management.

Oracle Session Manager  v.

Oracle Session Manager is a tool for monitoring how connected sessions use database instance resources in real time. You can obtain an overview of session activity sorted by a statistic of your choosing.

Fresh FTP  v.3 30

Fresh FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an useful tool for webmaster or website owner to upload or download web content (html, graphic, sql backup file, website statistic, etc) from the server. It supports ability to resume broken uploads,

SmarterStats  v.2.0

Improve your web site through extensive statistic reporting. FREE version includes visitor tracking, geographics, and over 135 reports! Works through a web browser so you can get your web site statistics from anywhere! Log analyzer for IIS,

ConversionTrack  v.1 2

According to the web log, ConversionTrack can analyze every user's access path, and give out an overall statistic result of visitor's conversion rates including the referer, time, region, and information of user's software environment.

WinAppLIVE Corporate Edition  v.1.04

Makes audit, analysis, statistic and control of use of program and the printers. The monitoring task of computer use and the measurement time periods in a clear and precise way enables cost quantifications, increase o investment performance,

JavaTunes  v.4.2

JavaTunes is a free ligthweight and platform independent jukebox with focus on the functionality. Supports mp3, ogg vorbis, wavpack, flac & cdg. Loads album covers from Internet, instant searching, statistic, find duplicates, karaoke, play similar,

Turtle Sport  v.1.1

Turtle Sport is a training program for you to use. Turtle Sport is a utility developed to communicate with Garmin fitness products. Turtle Sport retrieves yours training sessions from your Garmin and it makes diagram and statistic reports. Turtle

Twitter Cloud  v.1.0

Twitter Cloud give you an opportunity to get statistic about most frequently used hashtags, user nicks and words in your twitts. Get statistic about most frequently used hashtags, user nicks and words in your twitts.Requirements: * Twitter

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